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Thema: "CROWN Speedfeed von VIRTUE" [ Seite 1 ]

Kein neuer Beitrag herzdrache , 09.05.2008, 12:29 Beitrag #1   
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Paint-Masta mit 2634 Punkte, 2091 Beiträge
Hi Leutz!

Wie ihr wahrscheinlich schon gelesen/gehört habt, gibt es von VIRTUE ein neues Speedfeed namens

Hier das 1. Video: Promo machts möglich:

Und hier nun das erste wirklich brauchbare Video:

Hier noch ein paar Fotos:


Virtue hat folgendes geschrieben:

Special Pre-Release @ the MAO: The ALL NEW Virtue® Crown™ will be avaliable in limited quantities
at the MAO-only. The first batch have been shipped to the event, so Virtue Crowns will not begin
shipping from our warehouse until sometime after the MAO event. This is the "secret" feeding system
you may have heard about if you're 'in the know' or saw Ollie Lang, Johnny Perchak, Pete U,
Marecello Maggott and others field-testing our prototypes at Huntington Beach and Malaga!

The Virtue® Crown™ "lid-less" feed system makes reloading easier than ever while. No more opening
the lid. No more paintballs spilling out or feeders popping off. The Crown's patent pending hinged
elastomer design allows paint to flow freely into the hopper while preventing paint from coming
back out -- no matter how hard you shake it or how hard you dive.

Guaranteed to Feed Faster & More Securely

The Crown for the HALO includes 3 parts: Locking Ring, Crown, and the Extension Collar. Players who
want the lowest possible profile do not need to use the Extension Collar, and can simply attach the
Crown to the hopper and lock it in place with the Locking Ring.

However, the Extension Collar offers a minimal height increase, while increasing paint capacity and
improving reloading performance.

Key Features

* Ultra Fast Lid-Less Feed
* No Rise Low Profile Option
* Secure Locking Ring w/ Thumbscrew
* Durable, Memory Resistant Elastomer Will Not Crack or Get Brittle
* Available in Ultra-Soft or Standard Elasticity Versions.
* Extra Paint Capacity (with optional, including, extension collar) - HALO only
* Compatible with HALO, Magna, Revolution, Force, Eye Force (Vlocity versions coming soon)

The Crown is available in two types of Elastomer. Neither is "best", decide based on your style of

Standard Elastomer:
Offers a quick reload with NO chance of paint coming out. Rigid, but flexible Elastomer lets NO
balls out, even with the most vigorous shaking. Can be used without the Extender for a LOW PROFILE
on the HALO / MAGNA, but for best results with LOW PROFILE setups use the Ultra Soft Elastomer (see

Ultra Soft Elastomer:
The fastest reload with a low chance of paint coming out. Ultra Soft Elastomer keeps paint from
coming out under most conditions, but vigorous shaking may lose a few balls. For LOW PROFILE on
HALO / MAGNA it's better to use the Ultra Soft Elastomer (see below).

Option (included) Extension Collar:
The HALO / MAGNA have a shallow basin near the drive cone, so an Extension Collar is provided for a
more consistent feed. The Extender also allows you to pack an extra 20 balls into the hopper before
the start of a game. For LOW PROFILE setups without the Extender, we suggest using the Ultra-Soft
Elastomer Crown. If using the Crown without the Extender, a slight downward tilt while reloading
yields the best results. The downward tilt is only needed/helpful if you are not shooting while
reloading. If you are shooting and reloading keep your gun up and the Crown will feed great. "

schaut mal interessant aus - kostet auf der VirtueHP so um die 30 US-$

lg P.

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Kein neuer Beitrag breaki , 10.05.2008, 10:35 Beitrag #2   
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Handtuchträger mit 212 Punkte, 181 Beiträge
schaut echt nett aus die idde is mal ein geiler ansatz

Es zählt nicht nur das man jemanden trifft ..... die farbe , diefarbe ist das was entscheidend ist
! :capture:

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