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herzdrache, 04.02.2009, 15:00
Hier die ersten Teaserpics von Planet Eclipse:

es geht wieder los!!!

..... :police: :hysteric: :wichs:
herzdrache, 05.02.2009, 21:20
und hier mal ein Teaser-Pic, wo man auch was erkennt:

lg P.

p.s. echt nice!!!
herzdrache, 17.03.2009, 11:00
gerade im Hub gefunden:

Florian hat folgendes geschrieben:

The 2009 Planet Eclipse catalogue has now been launched and is dropping on door mats around the
world with a lovely rendered visual of what was going to be the first SL GEO. The SL91. That’s
right, ‘Was’. We put so much time and effort into creating the EGO9, SL94 and then perfecting and
refining the GEO platform that we simply ran out of time to be able to create the GEO SL91 this

Lead Designer Jack Wood Said “When we make an SL model we put all we can into it. It takes months
of design and testing to get the extra performance out of these markers and we just ran out of
time. It’s a shame, and it was a tough decision, but we never want to sell our customers short.”

So there you have it.. NO Eclipse SL GEO (SL91) this season. Sorry to all we have disappointed. The
Eclipse SL EGO9 (SL94) is on schedule and will be launched in Early April as promised. I can also
reveal at this point that the SL94 will come in 4 different colour ways:

Granite Stealth

Midnight Stealth

Envy II

Jack Frost

Contact your local dealer now for place your pre-order. Pricing on these markers will be $1795

also KEINE GEO SL!!!!

lg P.
Alex, 17.03.2009, 19:52
Und wann kaufst du dir das Ding entlich :-P :-P :hero: